Vacation Rental Towels + Linens

Top reasons to consider hotel grade towels for your rental home

A common question we hear from our customers who have vacation or short terms rentals, is "What is the main difference between your towels, and what I can find at a retailer?"

To answer that, we must look at the construction of the towel. Typically, a retail towel will be constructed of 100% cotton. This is great for comfort, and perfect perfect for home use. However, with regular turnover, vacation rentals will need to consider long term durability.

That is where our blended 86% cotton 14% polyester towel is at an advantage. Combing both comfort and durability, these towels contain polyester in the base of the towel. This prevents shrinkage, while increasing durability. The loops of the towel (which will be in contact with skin) are constructed of 100% cotton, allowing for the softness your guests expect.

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