As easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

  1. Drop a MonoPOD into a spray bottle, mop bucket, mop tool or autoscrubber

  2. Add water through faucet or fill hose and agitate (if required)

  3. Ready to clean!

cleaning bottle for hotel
hotel bathroom cleaner

space saving design

Pictured Above

36 tubs of MonoPOD Floor Cleaner VS.Pallet of 36 cases containing 144 x 4L jugs of chemical. This represents an 85% reduction in the amount of space needed to store the equivalent amount of product!

Up to 56% reduction in cost to fill up a 15 gal/57L floor scrubber versus traditional floor cleaner. In addition, using Monopod’s can reduce the time it takes to fill a scrubber and traditional spray bottles by up to 76%, further decreasing costs of labour.

Up to 95% reduction in CO2 emissions during transportation. The weight of the equivalent number of PODS needed compared to traditional liquid chemical is
up to 90% lighter. The time of shipping heavy liquids has passed.

MonoPods are Green Seal Certified. They have been third-party tested to meet Green Seal standards based on performance, health and sustainability criteria. Feel
good about what is cleaning our world!


Monopod’s are packaged in No. 2 HDPE Plastic Containers – the easiest and most commonly recycled plastic in the world. Let’s do our part.