Truly Earth Friendly® Mountainside amenities launch!

From the Rocky Mountains to the Laurentians, many of us have experienced fond memories while hiking, skiing, or simply spending time in these majestic areas of our country. The Truly Earth Friendly® Mountainside collection was designed with this in mind. Contact us today to hear more about this line, or to place your pre-order. Launching in January of 2017.

Choosing an amenity line for your hotel, resort, rental home, B&B, or vacation rental

When choosing an amenity line for your property, many things must be considered. Features to review include the scent, design, environmentally friendly attributes, and price point. One thing is for certain, the right amenity for your property is an important part of the experience that your guest will have. 

With online reviews an ever increasing part of the decision making process on where a guest will stay, choose an amenity line that you feel is a reflection of the accommodation you provide. 

Please contact one of our staff to assist with the decision making process. Free samples are available for your review, and if you have any questions we are here to help! View more information on our small case pack items by clicking here.